by McJic

You have betrayed your wives

Your sisters

Your daughters and nieces

You have betrayed all women


You have betrayed humankind

The less fortunate

The disabled

The weak and the sick

You have betrayed all of us


Those who voted for a madman

Will soon pay a steep price

For your blind racism

And ignorant ideology


And to those 46% who did not vote at all

You have brought shame to your soul

And there is little you can say

To justify your selfishness, your carelessness, your lack of motivation, your ambivalence and lack of compassion for the plight of others


You, you who live with fear

And hatred of anyone different than you

Have betrayed this country you pretend to love

And for that, you earn my tears

But not my sympathy for the pain you are about to endure

For in the end you will find

That you betrayed yourself